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·  Angle Polisher
·  Percussion Drill
·  Rotary Drill
·  Rotary Hammer
·  Stone Cutter
·  Straight Grinde
·  Orbital Sander
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quality is our life line

Half year passed. ACC held a joint meeting between production and sales. The sales force gave an objective evaluation to the quality of ACC tools feedback from the customers. They acknowledged   that the quality of ACC products this year was improved greatly. The quality can compare to the world leading brands. The QC manager introduced what ACC team has done a lot on the improvement of quality including updating the process,optimizing the condition of equipment, more strict control of the procedure and training the skill of the workers. Due to all this fact, ACC achieved good performance both in quality and sales.

Mr.Jin-General Manager of ACC summed up the meeting. He appreciated the efforts by his employees. He believed that ACC can do an even better job to create bright future of ACC company and develop personal ability.  

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